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Products in English : The Crisalys of regeneration

The Crisalys of regeneration

The chrysalis of regeneration & unpredictable transformation.
(Or how to go from caterpillar to butterfly).
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  • The chrysalis of re-gene-ration

    The chrysalis of regeneration & unpredictable transformation


     (Or how to go from caterpillar to butterfly)





    With the director of the Film “TURN OFFF CANCER / TURN ON YOUR LIFE” Edivia Navarro


    • Find out how to end the fear that creeps up at night and the constant anxiety in the face of uncertainty.
    • Here’s how to stop feeling guilty, isolated, cursed and threatened for the rest of your life.
    • Find out how to replace feeling lost, exhausted and overwhelmed by a sense of inspiration, hopefulness and happiness.
    • Learn to use cancer as an evolutionary drive to discover your hidden gifts and strengths and your magnificent legacy to the world.

    Thriving after Cancer Doesn’t have to be a Struggle

     In this intensive four-day transformational retreat, Edivia Navarro, director of the game-changing film TURN OFFF CANCER / TURN ON  LIFE, will take you through your own de-construction and re-construction, guided through your own extraordinary transformative chrysalis from which you will emerge into an entirely new level of yourself healthier, happier and wholesome.



    You know you’re ready. You know that now is the time, and you are joining this course not because you need more help, but because you want to become the one you came here to be. No time to waste. You only need the container where to undergo the transformation, the chrysalis, and the midwife that takes care and protects the cocoon and attends the work of nature. The place to be born and the tribe that receives you into your newborn possibility.

    You have a vision of yourself radiant with an inner glow, sharing with the world the fruits of your life, contributing to enhance the lives of the people you love. Cancer has made you aware of the  poignantly beautiful and fragile life  and you are starting to savoring the privilege of walking and playing in this moment of time.

    This new life is possible for you and you are the one that can create it. And that creation doesn’t have to include so much suffering and anxiety on the face of uncertainty.

    Unpredictable transformation from the inside out!

    Your heart, mind and your body have so much wisdom and you can learn to listen to them and tap into unknown intelligence and sensibilities and develop strengths capabilities and potential you didn’t know you had within yourself.

    You have so much to give, so much to enjoy, a new life to unfold in front of you.

    You are ready to do the work and find out what you have to clear and release physically, emotionally, mentally so you can have the life you know is your own: a life blessed with love, vibrant health and meaningful contribution.


    We are not destined to have cancer and suffer…how came we ended up in this predicament?


    If you are like the hundreds of people diagnosed with cancer I have worked with, you probably had done a very serious search already, you have done a lot of development and transformation already. Yet somehow, the kind of experience you are looking for and you know it is possible, eludes you, or doesn’t last and you are left deeply frustrated and disappointed.

    I can imagine your family and friends either encouraging or discouraging you from what they may consider either an empty pursuit or an obligation that you cannot postpone. And you are tired of receiving unsolicited advice. You probably feel confused, unable to figure out why some people die and other with no effort surf over the stormy waters of cancer. You may be wondering if you have done something wrong and you have missed totally the point…or most frightening of all, that there is something really wrong you have done and you deserve to be punished.

    It cannot be more natural to have those feelings; it is just only too human to be confronted with all our unresolved issues when we are facing our unavoidable mortality.  We are all going to die, but most people can forget about this until a life threatening illness shows up on their door like un uninvited guest.

    The important thing is that no matter how uncomfortable and dark all those unfinished business may seem to you, you have the power to change them. From now on you can go about to create a new life for yourself and your loved ones in a way that is deeply satisfying, enjoying every step of the way and feeling safe and protected in your very cocoon of transformation and accompanied by the community that will celebrate your metamorphosis.


    Imagine enjoying the life you always knew it was yours to have. Can you imagine how different your life will look when you listen to the message of the cancer and implement the changes cancer is asking from you to restore your body mind back to health?

    Maybe you will

    • Savor the little things of life, treasuring every moment: sunsets, conversation, babies, books and even the line at the supermarket…all of the sudden daily life is more fulfilling and pleasurable!
    • Feel the aliveness, freedom, integrity and coherence that generates living each moment in alignment with your deepest values
    • Know that you always have the necessary resources to go through anything.
    • Trust your intuition, body wisdom and inner guidance to make the best possible choices moment to moment.
    • Discover new depths of happiness and intimacy with yourself, friends and family.
    • Experience the peace that comes with self-acceptance and the deep nourishment of knowing that the universe conspires to support our dreams.
    • Feel that life has your back and you can move confidently toward the realization of your goals as you relate with the world in a way that makes possible the co-creation of your wildest dreams.
    • Feel the relief of the heavy burden, of your resistance to life, being lifted away.
    • Live the magic and the miracle making of a mind that is aligned with a vision and a purpose
    • Feel the invigorating energy, the exhilarating excitement of a meaningful and generous life.
    • Go every night to bed in awe and in gratitude for a day full of opportunities of being yourself and blessing the world with your presence.






    All it is required is that you take a stand, where you dare to courageously say, “I want to live my true life. I choose to live co-creating an awesome Life”.

    And if you are ready to make this commitment to yourself, I am ready to help you. I can guide you step-by-step through the heroic adventure of self-discovery and re-invention.

    Together we can create a sacred space for inner and outer transformation and I will be the happy and honored midwife that receives your when you come out of your protective cocoon all dressed up in your brand new, shiny, colorful tender new life.

    I will provide the information, tools, techniques, procedures and catalyst you need to:

    • Identify what gives you life and what kills you
    • Release patterns that keep you entrenched in a past that keeps repeating itself in spite of all your efforts,
    • Draw a map for the journey
    • Develop an integral practice that creates the synergy that sustains health at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
    • Create an extraordinary life filled up with extraordinary moments

    In a sacred space we will do dance, ritual, poetry and journal writing, painting, vision quest, shamanic visioning, singing, theater of the imagination, guided visualization, heart awakening, somatic body work, physical embodiment of our newborn identities, work and play in dyads, small groups and big circle, party and celebration, sweat and prayer. All the verbal and nonverbal, conscious and unconscious, artistic and scientific, spiritual and social dimensions of your body, heart, mind and soul brought together to produce the simple miracle of a new beginning: JUST   TO…


    In this place of no longer and not yet, in the in-between state we will go together though transitions and thresholds to turn off cancer and switch on our lives.

    During this rite of passage  we inquire individually and collectively into the meaning or message of the illness we want to cure from.

    Then we learn to inhabit and integrate the understanding received into the new way of being





    Psychology and perennial wisdom from all traditions all over the world recognize this in between as a fragile but powerful situation, a time and place when uncertainty and ambiguity reign and exciting possibilities are looming behind the curtains.

    You can think of me as a powerful and fertile midwife of the un-manifest potentials of your life, assisting the birth of all that wants to be born in you. I create the safe space where this is possible though, care, deep listening and the magic of changing our mindset.

    I receive a group of caterpillars, heavily compressed under the weigh of their own unborn dreams in a confining space that has to be broken open into the open air and I facilitate the birth of an amazing batch of butterflies, each one with their own beautiful colors, pollinizing the world with their dance and multiplying its beauty

     In Cracking the code: The Chrysalis of Regeneration & Unpredictable Transformation Retreat you will:

    • Create your own cocoon of safety to allow the process of healing to carry you to your highest potentials,
    • Go from Breakdown to Breakthrough: Face the chaos and madness that precede new life.
    • Understand and de-construct if necessary the assumptions that you now carry as a consequence of your upbringing.
    • A space to melt down, to abandon your old identity, the necessary decomposition before the re-composition.
    • Time to let go of the old story – not because it was bad, but because it’s over
    • Identify what has to be released to make way for new life.
    • A new way of framing your life’s struggles that gives you meaning, dignity and strength
    • Vision the possible you that is becoming mature to come out into the world
    • Understand what nurtures you and how you can provide that for yourself
    • Review your life in a way that you reframe your biography to see the heroic journey you are taking all along
    •  Harvest the learning from all the adversity you have gone through: turn scars and hurt into wisdom hieroglyphics
    • Create a vision of new possibilities for your future
    • Recover the original trust in the Goodness of life
    • Understand that life is been up underneath you, even in those terrible passages
    • Choose a new Myth for your new Life
    • Reframe your identity and role.
    • Give shape to new options
    • There is a new story.  A new life.  A new opportunity. A new reality knocking … your chrysalis door
    • Identify your own North Star,
    • Dare to navigating your life beyond outmoded ways of being?.
    • Learn a new psycho-spiritual navigation system for your journey
    • Step out of your expired frame to envision the magnificent unfolding ahead of you
    • Start walking the path of becoming the extraordinary being you are
    • Learn about the principles of synergistic living and connect with the Greater field of Life to get all support you need
    • Learn to feel love and power and joy and ecstasy …you are made for it.
    • Create personal rituals and daily-healing-habits to anchor your learning in ongoing practices
    • Start your own fire, with your desire and aliveness in  flames warming up the world around you
    • Build a new powerful internal infrastructure that holds you in the middle of uncertainty.
    • Discover your precious value and priceless worth, feel it in the cells of your own body. Being is a miracle.
    • Discover how to create endings that are new beginnings.
    • End what has to end to begging what you choose to begin.
    • Recognize that the future of your world is up to you,
    • Say yes to Life and move forward in the absence of guarantees.
    • Commit fully to bring forth your vision as the most worthwhile thing you could possible do with your precious life.
    • No quest can begin until you are willing to hear, see and feel what is calling you.
    • The quest for meaning: what’s the cancer telling you? Ask what wants to come through the illness
    • Align with your highest calling and become a living vessel for the new life
    • Reactivate the original coding of your childhood
    • Acknowledge your own many latent gifts,
    • Learn how to nurture your seeds to full expression in your everyday living
    • Navigating the white waters of cancer  requires a will to live that is larger than the fear of the unknown that you go through.
    • Take on a new name, start a new life.
    • Trust the process, Let it carry you to your destination
    • Identify your personal north star that tells you how to stay on your chosen course.
    • Learn how to deal with distractions, interruptions, avoidance, delays, setbacks and denial.
    • Find out how to get  through turbulent periods
    • Make a radical commitment and take a powerful stand for yourself.
    • Discover your true beauty and fall deeply in love with yourself and life.
    • Wake up from the trance of your old beliefs and begin seeing yourself, others and the possibilities of your life with great clarity
    • Awaken to yourself as a unique expression of the life force itself.
    • Experience the wisdom of your authentic self with a deep sense of confidence
    • Recover a profound sense of safety resting in the intelligence of the universe
    • Explore the power of your creative desire, the script of your unfolding life
    • Learn how to create an environment for yourself that allows for the emergence of the best of you
    • Increase your tolerance for initial not-knowing, chaos, disorientation, welcome to the first minutes of your own BIGBANG
    • Learn to take faithful quantic jump from the known to the unknown.
    • From self-blame/self-shame game to self-empowerment
    • Discover the freedom and power of radical self-responsibility and Be liberated from the repetition of illness
    • Transform your world in an instant by shifting where you are centered
    • Generate life from who you want to become
    • Take inspired action to create the life you were born to live
    • Connect with the web of intelligent design to generate new pathways and possibilities for your life.
    • Move beyond the you that co-created the old, limiting patterns of illness and insatisfaction

     Tuition 450 euros

    Acomodations and meals : From 250 to 350 euros depending on rooms ( to contract with Retreat Center)

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