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Películas. DVD : Turn Off Cancer. Turn On Life. DVD (NTSC)

Turn Off Cancer. Turn On Life. DVD (NTSC)

A Documentary Film About How to Use Your Mind To Survive and Thrive After Cancer, Creating Lasting, Vibrant Health and Abundant Happiness with the interviews to 28 leading edge scientists in the fields of psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and neuroplasticity.
Duration 77 minutes
NTSC. Encoded for all regions
Subtitles in English, Spanish and Italian.
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Sales price: 24,20 €
Sales price without tax: 20,00 €
Tax amount: 4,20 €
  • A Documentary Film About How to Use Your Mind To Survive and Thrive After Cancer, Creating Lasting, Vibrant Health and Abundant Happiness



    “I’m convinced that how we think affects our well-being, and that our worldview influences whether we’ll be among the roughly 40 percent of people who get cancer-and the 50 percent or so who survive.”
    O. Carl Simonton Founder and medical director, Simonton Cancer Center. Malibu, California.




    Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life is a long featured documentary film.190 minutes, Woo-hoo!


    A riveting documentary that explores the mind-body’s role in cancer through the eyes and minds of 30 of the world’s leading scientists.


    Three hours of life saving information,the scientific validation , support and guidance you have been waiting for on your journey to recover your health after your cancer diagnosis.


    A beautiful movie, where the interviews to 30 leader researchers in oncology  are weaved with the dance that interprets the Descend of Innana, an old Sumerian Myth that describes the heroic journey that many patients go through.


    Join the world’s leading experts on psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and neuroplasticity that share with you the cutting edge, 21st century science and practice of treating cancer.


    Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life  draws a careful map of the territory you have to go through if you want not only survive but create a life that is healthy and happy , and also a gift to the world as you dare to embody and express more of your most intimate authenticity.


    A challenge to dive in  and
    • rediscover who you are,
    • figure out how your more than miraculous human operating system works,
    • how to make sure the intelligence of a very wise universe 13.7 millions years old is on your side,
    • learn how  your brain,  your body ,  your cells,  your genes conspire together to thrive and evolve
    • how, in spite of what things my look like, Life has your back.


    Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life makes intelligible, for you to take action immediately, the most comprehensive compilation of research on the relationship between your mind, your body and your emotions and how all this is affecting your genes and health.



    “I Learned in the movie Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life so much I can do to take care of myself and make sure I am in the right mindset to continue winning the battle over cancer .”
    Mirabai Goddard Cancer Survivor


    Turn Off Cancer/ Turn on Life reframes a good number of pop culture believes, most ancient wisdom spiritual practices, from Shamanism to your grandmother’s common sense, on the light of most recent scientific research on psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics, to separate the wheat from the chaff and cut straight into what matters the most when your life it at stake.




    • Cancer = Death is an outdated belief.
    • Mind Matters and it is up to you how much.
    • You are always one breath away from peace.
    • You can switch on whenever you are off.
    • Life is up underneath you, Here & Now too.
    • Choose intentionally your believes, they shape you!
    • Either you program yourself or you get programmed.
    • You are who you are becoming not who you have been.
    • The journey starts with the first step.
    • You have the intelligence of the universe, use it!
    • Love is, almost, all you need. Get stocked on it.
    • You are connected to a greater Whole. Let it support you.
    • The Whole World is craving you.Don’t be stingy!
    • Do your part and surrender control.
    • Use cancer as an evolutionary drive to the next stage.
    • You can co-create a life of unprecedented beauty & meaning.
    • Cancer is not the end, it is only the beggining!


    “Watching Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life is a life changing experience.”
    Leo Wattling Colon Cancer Survivor


    Watching the movie you will learn


    The length of the movie is triple the usual, so you get triple benefits


    • How to use your mind to boost your immune system.
    • How to manage pain and anxiety.
    • Powerful lessons on survival from survivors. Lear to survive!
    • How Early life shape your nerve and immune systems and how to undo it.
    • The assumptions carried in your biology as a consequence of your upbringing.
    • How to use relaxation to turn on genes for health.
    • Post-Genomic era: you are the master of your genes, not the victim!
    • How certain ways of chronic coping may express oncogenes.
    • Types of personality prone to cancer and what you can do about it.
    • How to substitute pharmacological interventions for education.
    • How to make choices in a toxic world.
    • Cancer as a rite of passage. The map of the journey.
    • Stress, perception, believes and your immune system.
    • Research on depression and cancer.
    • Research on Toxic chemicals and cancer.
    • Research on Relaxation, guided imagery, biofeedback and cancer.
    • Emotional regulation of the immune system.
    • A way of framing your life’s struggles that gives you meaning, dignity and strength.
    • Understand what nurtures you and how you can provide that for yourself.
    • What turns on and off oncogenes.
    • Meditation turns on thousands of genes.
    • Rewire the brain for health and happiness.
    • The biology of cancer cells. Harnessing your healing mechanisms.
    • How to Identify what has to be released to make way for new life.
    • Your mind can heal you or kill you: research on placebo and nocebo.
    • Harvest the learnings from adversity: turn scars and hurt into wisdom hieroglyphics.
    • Recover the original trust in the Goodness of life:understand that life is been up underneath.
    • There is a new story,  new life,  new opportunity, new reality knocking your chrysalis door.
    • Learn a new psycho-spiritual navigation system for your journey.
    • Find out what works, what doesn’t and what’s killing you.


    … and much more


    you can make it !


    and nobody can do it for you!


    Turn Off Cancer/Turn On Life empowers you to take charge of your health and create healthier habits for a new life full of possibilities.





    Power-packed interviews with 30 of the top leaders in the field


    Lorenzo Cohen Ph.D. Professor  Oncology & Director of Integrative Medicine at MD Anderson Cancer Center UT, Houston, Texas.The World’s Reference Program!
    Richard J. Davidson Ph.D. Director Center for Investigating Healthy Minds and Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience University of Wisconsin.
    Wolf Singer PhD Director Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. Frankfurt. President European Neuroscience Association.
    Robert Ader PhD, the father of psychoneuroinmunology, discovered the possibility of conditioning the immune system and proved the actual mindbody connexion.
    David Felten PhD, neuroanatomist that found nerve endings on the immune cells providing physical evidence for mindbody unity, pioneer of Integrative Medicine.
    Lydia Temoshock PhD explains the connexions between cancer and  Type C personality.
    Marilyn Schlitz PhD presents the research done at IONS Institute on consciousness and health.
    Joan Borysenko PhD. founder of the first mindbody clinic in Harvard shares 30 years of wisdom.
    Sharyle Patton Greenpeace Board Director, teaches you how to make intelligent choices in a toxic World.
    Bernie Siegel PhD creator of Exceptional Patients invites you to pick a new name and start a new life.
    Ernest Rossi PhD demonstrates how to turn on new genes for healing using the mind.
    David Spiegel PhD from Stanford has done the most exhaustive research on cancer and stress.
    Jeanne Achterberg PhD shares her spontaneous remission from a inoperable large melanoma on her eye without using surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
    Michael Lerner PhD inspires us to reinterpret our wounds as openings to light.
    Susan Braun shows us that Death can be as beautiful as Birth.
    Caryle Hirshberg PhD expertise in survival will fill you up with hope.
    Dean Shrock PhD who has found in his research that joy is the best antidote to stress.
    Chris Jung PhD will touch your heart with his deep care for the human family.
    Sharon Salzberg Founder Insight Meditation Society.
    Tim Gard MSc Researcher at the lab of Sara Lazar , Division Psychiatric Neuroscience.Massachusetts General Hospital.Studies the effect of Mindfulness on pain
    Brother David Steindl-Rast, leads a world movement on gratitude.
    David W. Wetter Ph.D. Works on prevention and underserved populatioms at Anderson Cancer Center.His passion for mindfulness is crystal clear
    Britta Holzel PhD Has measued the increment in brain grey matter after meditation at the Department of Psychiatry.Massachusetts General Hospital.
    Elissa S. Epel PhD Professor Department of Psychiatry at UCSF shares her findings on eating disorders and your brain.
    Cynda Hylton Rushton PhDProfessor and Director Care Program Children’s Centre at Johns Hopkins shares her wealth of compassionate wisdom.
    Thadeus Pace PhD Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, School of Medicine at Emory and his briliant research on early trauma and the immune system.
    Susan Bauer-Wu PhD Researcher on stress and mindfulnes for the NIH and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute; educator at Harvard, Emory, author and clinician.
    Tim Ryan Congressman for Ohio. I personally pray for this degree of wisdom and compassion for all our politics.






    A moving and thoughtful examination of the questions surrounding mind and body in cancer, artfully presented by juxtaposing discussion with dance.
    David Spiegel, M.D. Professor in the School of Medicine & Associate Chair Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University School of Medicine.


    A fine and useful film about integrative healing with cancer. I think many will benefit from seeing it.
    Michael Lerner. Special Consultant to the Office of Technology Assessment on Unconventional Cancer Treatments and Author of Choices In Healing: Integrating The Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer. President of Commonweal.


    I pray everyone involved with cancer sees this movie.
    Dean Shrock Director Cancer Programs


    This beautiful and powerful film will fill your heart and mind with strength, wisdom and inspiration for your journey beyond cancer, and will support you to discover a new life that is abundant with well being, health and happiness.
    Katherine Woodward Thomas Bestselling author of Calling in “The One” and co-leader of the Feminine Power Global Community.


    Cancer is a growing epidemic due to a complex matrix of bio-socio-psycho-spiritual reasons and the cure requires the full participation of the patient to create a synergy in a way that can tip the balance back to health.
    Beyond rest, diet and exercise, the mind has still untapped resources to create health: we need to realize that our ways of dealing with the stress of daily life might be outdated and harmful.
    If we want to be cancer-free and stay this way for a long time we need to change the conditions that made possible the tumor in the first place.
    We may think that removing the tumor and doing chemo and radio is going to be enough but if we look at the data , is not enough.

    We cannot reasonably expect that if we will keep on doing the same things , the results are going to be different . We need to change the context that was signaling our genes to mutate and we need to remove the conditions that were preventing our immune system from being efficacious .


    In the complex health-care system of the 21st century, no single therapeutic practice should have monopoly on effective diagnosis and treatment for all conditions. Scientific, psychological, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual insights must surely be fully employed to restore and maintain health.
    Sumedha Khanna M.D.







    When we let our bodies be cut, radiated, or infused with chemicals without further participation on our part, we allow us to be treated as if we were just a piece of meat, not only we exclude what makes us humans, our Psyche and our Spirit, creating a medicine that is inhuman, but also we make impossible to treat the root of the disease and we miss the opportunity of aligning with our most powerful resources.

    Ilse Langendorf. Breast Cancer Survivor.


    The thesis of the movie is that the cancer is a growing epidemic due to a complex matrix of bio-socio-psycho-spiritual reasons and that cure requires the full participation of the patient in a way that can tip the balance back to health.

    Beyond rest, diet and exercise, the mind has still untapped resources to create health: we need to realize that our ways of dealing with the stress of daily life might be outdated and harmful, we need to finish unfinished business , we need to learn to produce at will the emotions of joy, love and gratitude as the most conducive to create the biochemistry of health, and we need to lead a life of meaning, passion and joy as the most effective way to reignite our immune resources and fighting successfully the cancer.

    Aimer Limerick. Cancer survivor








    Each chapter in the movie takes you further and deeper into this mythic journey to find the keys to recover your health and stay this way for a long time.



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